Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eco Pumps – Small Change, Big Impact

Operating in a sustainable, cost-effective way is an objective many share, though every business has a different solution. Oftentimes, certain smaller pieces of equipment are overlooked in favor of the big ticket items – ovens, washers, ice machines…

One of these unnoticed expenses: disposable plastic pumps.

Most disposable pumps last only a few weeks tops; cleaning the pump means tossing it in the trash, springs lose their spring, they get clogged, or they simply don’t pump properly. Some have portion control, but it’s only set to one standard amount. A 6-pack of these for a relatively low price may seem like a great idea, but replacement costs add up when you’re spending money on several packs every month.

If you want a long-lasting, multi-purpose alternative, Server has just the solution.

Constructed of both stainless steel and molded plastic, Server’s Eco Pumps are sturdy and reliable.

The consistent, precise portion control is ideal for more than keeping latte flavors consistent; use them to portion thick or thin condiments, concentrated flavorings and soup stocks, or syrups or liqueurs for cocktails and other specialty drinks as well.

Not only are they easy to disassemble and clean, they’re NSF listed for clean-in-place so you don’t have to take them apart. Having a small kitchen space is no longer an excuse when all you need is a bucket and sink.

The initial investment is slightly higher than a disposable syrup pump, but our Eco Pumps quickly pay for themselves – both in cost and waste reduction. Use our Cost-Savings Calculator to see just how fast this pump pays for itself.

Like mom always says, you get what you pay for. So why not spend a little more to help keep needless waste out of landfills and get a pump you won’t have to replace every month?

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