Monday, May 15, 2017

Top 6 Reasons to Attend the NRA Show 2017

May 20th marks the start of the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show! Like any good trade show, there are a few key reasons you don’t want to stay home.
6.  The samples
Sometimes there's more food than we know what to do with. But what better way to develop a menu than taste test your way around the show room floor?
5.  Check out your competition
Because who doesn’t? The best in your industry will be attending, and having everyone in one place makes it a lot easier to evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses against another’s.
4.  Everything you need is available in one building
NRA expects more than 2,000 exhibitors at this year’s show. Whether you’re in need of equipment solutions, new food and drink menu ideas, a d├ęcor upgrade, more sustainable to-go boxes, or new ideas to market your own product, you’ll find anything you need. 
3.  Opportunities for face time
It's more efficient and personal than electronic communication. Chat with current customers or find that new business partner you’ve been seeking. Trade shows are a great way to both strengthen and create relationships.
2.  Attend educational sessions 
With close to 100 sessions from book signings and business tips to new technology and food demonstrations, you’re guaranteed to learn something of value. Speakers have designed their programs to help you boost traffic, improve your work environment, and shed light on current industry trends.
And the number one reason…
1.  Server’s at Booth 4438!
Look at those smiling faces. How could you not visit? Plus, we’ll have a brand new catalog, free redesigned Hot ToppingMerchandiser magnets, and infinite serving solutions to share with you! Because helping you serve better is what we do best!

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